Money Saving DIY Tips

The average UK households spends over £2,000 a year on DIY and much more on more substantial home improvements. In today’s instalment of the Money Saving Advice Guide, we will offer you tips on how to save money on your DIY and home improvement projects!

Free Online DIY guides – There’s a multitude of how-to DIY guides all over the internet, including detailed descriptions, images, tutorials and videos. Thoroughly research your project online, pace yourself and refer to a variety of instructional sources. You will be sure to find them in abundance!

Local Builders Merchants – Local builders merchants stock most DIY essentials, though they may not be as brightly coloured as the big-brand DIY centres. Plan your project, compile a list of the materials you need and head to your local builder’s merchant. You will find most, if not all, the raw materials you will need for any household project at a much-reduced price!

Stock Up During the Off Season – We all wait for bank holidays to give our home improvements and DIY projects the time they need. Plan your home improvement and DIY projects around the times for sales and discounts. For example, you could pick up lawn furniture much cheaper towards the end of summer. Or, you could stock up on essential appliances and electronics during Black Friday sales. Planning really is the key.

Phone a Friend – In any DIY or home improvement project, two pairs of hands are better than one! Enlist some help, save yourself some time and possibly even benefit from some sort of expertise!

Sell Your Old Stuff – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the old saying goes. When clearing out your old stuff for an improvement or renovation, why not consider selling it online? There are a variety of apps, websites and Facebook groups dedicated to this purpose. Earn money from your stuff, rather than just throwing it away!