International Calls from the UK: What are your money saving options?

With the prevalence of apps such as WhatsApp, Apple iPhone’s FaceTime and a host of other audio and video applications allowing for cheap and convenient calls to friends and family all over the globe, the utility of traditional mobile to mobile and mobile to landline messaging and voice calls has diminished. However, with the modern apps’ reliance on a stable data connection, whether it is through wi-fi or mobile data, sometimes some people can just not afford to be without the option of making a conventional audio call. The United Kingdom’s largest mobile phone providers offer packages for customers making regular international calls, offering reductions on standard rates which range from the high to the ludicrously extortionate. However, these reductions appear as part of contract deal packages, which leave you tied to a contract and to usage you may not require.

Smaller and lesser known mobile phone service provides offer highly competitive rates at a fraction of the cost, with monthly packages providing international calling minutes, local calling minutes and limited data allowances, all as part of “pay as you go,” prepaid bundles which you can choose to operate for just one month, or renew again after that month with a prepaid voucher. The three market leaders in this sector are giffgaff, LEBARA, Lycamobile and Vectone Mobile, all of which offer similarly competitive rates, with some degree of variety in the quality of the services provided.

In our next post, we’ll take a closer look at the packages they offer and how those deals could save you money!