Money Saving Advice Guide: How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill

When you’re looking to reduce your data consumption remember that most apps these days use data even when running in the background. Depending on which mobile phone handset you use, you can shut off individual apps, as well as groups of apps, from contributing to your data consumption as they run in the background. Using this feature will allow you to save on your data consumption and save on your battery usage too.

When it comes to data usage, and call and message usage too, make sure you select the option appropriate to you when agreeing the terms of your contract with the mobile phone service provider. If you’re someone that rarely makes long extended phone calls, or you are a heavy data consumer, it will be in your best interest to have this hammered out upon agreeing to the terms of your tariff. If you don’t need too many calling minutes, unlimited data, emergency roadside assistance, or any combination of the plethora of added extras mobile phone providers like to squeeze into the contract for their extra buck, make sure you cut it out. Nowadays, the latest handsets and even the mobile phone companies offer you statistics which allow you to monitor your usage of all aspects of your tariff. If you’re not confident with it yourself, you could contact your provider, help them assess your usage and save money on the stuff that you tend not to use. When you buy a contract mobile phone, you sign up for months and months, leaving you tied. If you’re unsure of your income going forward, it may be best to purchase a sim-free handset, utilising a variety of options that the various mobile phone service providers offer to “pay as you go” customers on pre-pay tariffs. In our next post, we’ll take a closer look at what’s on offer.