Money Saving Advice Guide: How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill

As we have established in previous posts, our top tip to save money on anything is to use it less. Cut out non-essential usage and give your money saving journey a solid start. Nothing beats good old-fashioned discipline and determination, and they are habits that are transferable to all aspects of our lives. We are here to help advise you on how best to do this, so when it comes to reducing your monthly phone bill and the costs of your mobile phone, our top tips will set you well on your way. First thing’s first, when you’ve got your eye on the latest mobile phone in the market, fulfil the due diligence of checking what deals are on offer! You can use comparison websites to assess the costs of packages that are offered alongside the mobile phone handset and see which one suits you best. Alternatively, it may be that you may be better off buying the mobile phone outright, rather than committing yourself to a monthly contract package.

With data offered as a premium service in today’s market, it’s easy to use up your allowance and be charged over-the-odds for anything beyond your basic data allowance. Whether you’re at home, work, visiting friends, grabbing a coffee or, indeed, a bite to eat, reduce your mobile phone’s data consumption by switching to Wi-Fi wherever available. Wi-Fi is now readily available in places you may not even expect it to be, from some stretches of the United Kingdom’s motorways to various modes of public transport. Switch to free Wi-Fi wherever available, cut out your data consumption and save money by not overspending on your basic allowance. Mobile phone service providers charge a premium for overspending on data, so remain aware of this at all times.