As part of our series on cost-free and immediately practicable advice on how to save money, today the Money Saving Advice Guide brings you tips on how to save money on your water bill.

As we have reiterated, saving is a proactive pursuit which takes just a smidgeon of forethought and consideration. In the world of saving money, this goes a long way, indeed, however long you wish to take it.

Firstly, the most obvious advice is not to leave the tap running. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, or shaving, leaving the tap on will do your water bill no favours. It’s pretty simple, really. This also applies to using a washing up bowl to do your washing, rather than keeping the tap running. More than likely, you’ll be using the hot water to do the washing up, so using a washing up bowl with entail a double saving.

Secondly, only use your washing machine when it is full. The average washing machine uses 55 litres of water. Imagine, 55 one litre bottles stacked up together. Now imagine the amount wasted across two incomplete washes! Thirdly, get yourself a shower timer. Reducing shower time by even a single minute daily will add up to a noticeable amount by the year’s end. Best of all, some water companies offer water-saving gadgets like this for free. How could you refuse such a cost-free saving? Fourthly, filling your dishwasher and using it only when full will also bring you savings on your water bill. Compared to doing your washing up under a running tap, modern dishwasher can save upwards of 20,000 litres per annum. Fifthly, don’t boil more water than you need. Again, this is a double saving to be had. On electric costs and water wastage too. Sixthly, keep a supply of cold water in your fridge, rather than letting the tap run, waiting for the cold water to appear. And, finally, depending on usage, and if you don’t already have one, consider using a water meter.