How to save money on your wedding!

When it comes to your big day, with all eyes on you and your beloved, saving money will probably be the last thing on your mind. However, as figures from last year show, weddings come in at an average total cost of £32,273, which represents a small fortune! In this instalment of the Money Saving Advice Guide, we offer you ways in which you can save money on that special day of your life that will probably be the most expensive too!

The most important factor when planning your wedding is the dates! Whether you have an open budget, or a limited budget, dates and availability are the biggest sticking point when it comes to wedding planning. The peak season coincides with weather fluctuation. Of course, a summer wedding will cost more. But, choose your dates wisely and plan for just before the season enters full swing and enjoy the fine weather on your special day without the added cost. When choosing a venue, there are a few money saving tips that we can offer that also apply to other aspects of your big day. Firstly, it’s advisable to negotiate venue booking without mentioning that you plan to hold a wedding.

This goes for the DJ and other similar costs. Secondly, while not necessarily a British thing, it is worth your while to haggle politely. When venues and wedding services don’t think they are your first option, they’re more likely to negotiate on price. On the day, with the booze flowing and your guests enjoying the festivities, it might be worth your while to offer beer and wine instead of the more expensive spirits and liquors. This could save you plenty of pounds at the bar. A vegetarian menu may also be a way to save money, while taking care of your guests’ health too!