International Calls from the UK: What are your money saving options?

With the prevalence of apps such as WhatsApp, Apple iPhone’s FaceTime and a host of other audio and video applications allowing for cheap and convenient calls to friends and family all over the globe, the utility of traditional mobile to mobile and mobile to landline messaging and voice calls has diminished. However, with the modern […]

Money Saving Advice Guide: How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill

When you’re looking to reduce your data consumption remember that most apps these days use data even when running in the background. Depending on which mobile phone handset you use, you can shut off individual apps, as well as groups of apps, from contributing to your data consumption as they run in the background. Using […]

Money Saving Advice Guide: How to Save Money on Your Mobile Phone Bill

As we have established in previous posts, our top tip to save money on anything is to use it less. Cut out non-essential usage and give your money saving journey a solid start. Nothing beats good old-fashioned discipline and determination, and they are habits that are transferable to all aspects of our lives. We are […]

The Money Saving Advice Guide’s latest instalment offers tips on how to reduce your household electricity bill. Keep up to date with our latest advice on how to save money, without spending a single penny!

First thing’s first, check your current tariff against other providers using a comparison website. With electricity providers vying for the public’s custom, chances are you could very well get a better deal by going with a new provider and start racking up those all-important savings! Secondly, and this seems obvious, use less! Leaving electrical appliances […]

As part of our series on cost-free and immediately practicable advice on how to save money, today the Money Saving Advice Guide brings you tips on how to save money on your water bill.

As we have reiterated, saving is a proactive pursuit which takes just a smidgeon of forethought and consideration. In the world of saving money, this goes a long way, indeed, however long you wish to take it. Firstly, the most obvious advice is not to leave the tap running. Whether you’re brushing your teeth, or […]

The third and final instalment of the Money Saving Advice Guide’s cost-free tips on saving money on your water bill will continue where we left off last time.

Saving water is imperative for customers and water companies alike. Our previous posts have shown how you can take immediate and cost-free steps to reduce your water usage and wastage. Water companies also seek to reduce as much wastage as possible and, towards this end, offer customers a range of WRAS-approved products. Quick and simple […]

Welcome to a second instalment of the Money Saving Advice Guide’s cost-free tips and tricks to save money on your water bill.

It is in the interest of both utility companies and their consumers to save water. In a survey conducted by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS), it was found that 80% of Brits accepted responsibility for one habit which contributes to wasting water. 21% admitted to leaving the tap running while brushing their teeth. Following […]

How to Save The Planet and Reduce Your Energy Costs: Our Cost-Free Guide to Reducing Your Household’s Energy Consumption

In this segment we will bring you short, easily practicable, effective and cost-free tips to reduce your energy consumption, help safeguard our planet for future generations and contribute greater savings on what is probably one of your household’s greatest single annual expenses. Number One: Shop around. With a plethora of easily navigable comparison websites readily […]